All MYZONE users own their MZ-3. This allows you to create your own MYZONE account online and view your personal activity data over time.
Your MZ-3 picks up electrical signals generated by the contractions of your heart. To be effective, your MZ-3 belt must be worn under your clothing to make proper contact with your skin. To wear it, place the module in the center of your chest on top of your sternum with the logo facing out. The MZ-3 should fit snugly but comfortably around your chest.
Although the MYZONE MZ-3 is waterproof, it is not appropriate to gather data while swimming due to water causing the strap to regularly detach from the chest.
You can use your MYZONE MZ-3 during any concerted physical activity, whether that’s at a gym or sports facility, out walking or anything that makes your heart work!
Your MYZONE data is stored on multiple servers using data encryption. This ensures that the data is stored safely and can only be viewed by you and based on your permissions, MYZONE and your MYZONE facility. See privacy policy for further information.
The belt will beep one time when the belt is activated and 3 times when you take it off.
Yes. You may, however, need to moisten the contact pads located on the fabric strap to improve the conductivity of the pads.
Once you have created your MYZONE account at www.myzonemoves.com, your MYZONE MZ-3 is automatically detected by the MYZONE receiver in the facility when you are within range. On the screen you will have a dedicated tile that shows your nickname, calories burnt, current heart rate in beats per minute, MYZONE Effort Points and in the center, a % of your maximum effort.
The MYZONE MZ-3 has a unique MYZONE memory that allows Approximately 14 to 16 hours of activity to be stored while exercising away from the MYZONE facility. It is recommended that you upload your activities as often as possible.
If you are live streaming your session, your data is regularly updating to your account. If you workout without live streaming to the App, your belt will store the data until you open your efforts stream while wearing your belt. You will see an update date and time at the bottom of the effort stream page when you upload stored data. Keep in mind that your belt has 14 to 16 hours of stored data capacity.