About Us


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Longevity Athletics is proprietary system of research driven methods, utilizing state of the art technologies in a fun, motivational, supportive, and high-energy environment for a truly unique and effective health & fitness experience.
No at all! All of our members range in age and everyone is welcome! You can be in a class with someone half or twice your age and working on the same movements and workouts.
Not a member yet? Registering is a breeze. Take a look at our schedule to find a convenient class, and sign up for it right there. Don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE training sessions.
Longevity Athletics offers 4 programs to help our clients get and stay fit. Our programs include Personal Training, Group Training, Nutritional Coaching & Yoga.
We employ the use of MyZone technology to evaluate, track and meet your workout goals. The MyZone app allows for mobile access to your workout program keeping you in the loop and up to date. Additionally, members utilize our in-house Visual Strength Aide & Tracking program that monitors, tracks, and adapts to the user as they progress.
Longevity athletics provides an environment that is fun and safe to help maximize your experience.