The Longevity Method

Baseline Gathering

Your Longevity experience will cater directly to your individuality. During the
complimentary consultation we will gather crucial information relating to your
heart and lung health, movement quality, and expectations, followed by short
and long-term goal setting.

Metabolic Circuit Training

Our exclusive Metabolic Resistance Interval Training (M.R.I.T) system is one of
the most complete and comprehensive fitness experiences available today.
Participants experience total mind/body improvements that are developed
proportionally with an emphasis on sustainable results that last.

Strength Training

Our Personalized Strength Development (P.S.D) program combines the latest
in science-based programming and cutting edge technology to offer the ultimate
strength training experience complete with athlete monitoring and tracking for
maximal results, safety, and effectiveness.

Mindset Training

The LINK to goal attainment is what you THINK. Our 5-Step ProActive Mindset
Training (P.M.T) will ensure you develop the mindset necessary for reaching your
potential in the gym and in life.

Our Pillars