Counting calories
Counting calories

My fitness tracker is telling me I must burn at least 600 calories during each Longevity Athletics training session this week to lose three pounds! Okay, let’s do this! Hold on there … unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Let’s explore three reasons why daily activity tracking and exercise counts can be problematic.

1) Calorie-burn estimates are not precise. Continue reading Counting Calories Pt. 2

Yes! I’ve hit my physical activity goal of 1,000 calories expended today. That means, by the end of the week I should be down two pounds and just 10 away from my goal weight. Right, FitnessPal? Well, maybe not so much…

Let’s explore three reasons why the supposed tried and true method of calorie counting for weight management is a flawed approach and not an exact science like many want you to believe. Continue reading Counting Calories Pt. 1

It’s a fact – we all get sick. But it’s not easy knowing what to do about it. Is exercise, or rest, the best medicine? Let’s find out.


When we are faced with a foreign attack, our immune system works hard to defend us.

•    Innate Immunity (natural immunity)
•    Physical Structural barriers (like mucous lining in nasal passages)
•    Chemical barriers (like our stomach acids)
•    Protective cells (NK cells – white blood cells that can destroy harmful invaders)
•    Adaptive Immunity (acquired immunity)

Acquired immune response is the reason for vaccination. Subject your body to a tiny dose of a pathogen, and it will know what to do when confronted with a bigger dose. Continue reading Exercise when sick: Sweat it out or rest-and-recover?