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Your Lasting Health, Fitness, and Performance Results are our Top Priority!

I created Longevity Athletics (Optimized Activities for a Longer Life) in 2013 with a single purpose: to help others develop sustainable results while making lasting connections.

Since then, we’ve guided hundreds of members to results they didn’t think possible. We’re excited for the opportunity to meet and assist you in your incredible journey!


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We're committed to your results and satisfaction. We have the best training experience in our area and we prove it to our members every day. We are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create the world’s most effective total fitness program. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your incredible journey to long-health and fitness.

The La Method

not just a gym, a lifestyle


Progressive Strength and HIIT Training


Flexible Nutrition & Accountability Coaching


Proactive Mindset, Attitude, and Behavior Coaching


Like-minded Community, Special Events, and Team Building


results start from within


Bringing anything else would be a waste of time


Act like an adult with integrity


Say what you mean and mean what you say


Communicate clearly with mutual understanding

BE "WE" (NOT "ME")

Think of others before yourself


Never stop learning, never stop improving


Expect a fun environment


Strive to exceed expectations in all endevors

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Our Success Stories



“Training with Coach Aaron and his program at Longevity Athletics has been a real life changer for me! Before working with Coach Aaron I was underweight, not eating well, and sedentary. I only weighed 130 pounds and felt very week. After training consistently at Longevity and following my individualized and goal oriented Strength and Muscle Build program I’m in the best shape of my life.

I’ve packed on 25 pounds of functional muscle mass and reduced my body fat percentage 5%! I am the strongest I’ve ever been, look and feel better, and have energy for days! The Longevity Lifestyle is my new way of life and I’m so happy for it! Thank you so much Coach Aaron and the Longevity Coaching staff for all that you have done for me!

Adrian T
p.s.- Looking forward to what else we can accomplish!




Nine months ago I join Longevity Athletics. At the time I didn’t have much motivation, energy or any fitness related goals. I have worked with several trainers in the past and had never really had any real results. Soon after starting with Aaron I realized this was different.  A week after starting I quit smoking, three weeks in I committed to changing my diet and started to feel my body getting stronger. 

To date, I have lost 32 pounds, have tons of energy and truly look forward to every workout. This would not have been possible without Aaron and Longevity Athletics.  The personal attention and his commitment to helping me reach my fitness goals is beyond anything I have experienced anywhere else. This has truly been a life changing journey that isn’t over yet!!




“Longevity Athletics and my coach, Aaron Gilbert, have changed my life dramatically. I was amazed with his facility, knowledge, and the high tech gadgets to track my progress. His detailed meal plans and grocery lists helped me out so much. I have so much more energy, I feel better emotionally and physically, and I’m a lot stronger. Over the years I have tried every diet pill, shake, gym, several trainers, and I’ve never gotten results until I met Aaron. There is no way to compare Longevity to any other fitness center I have attended. Hands down. Longevity rocks!

Thanks Aaron, Justin and Ryan for helping me.

P.S – I am just getting started!”




From day one, I felt like part of a family. I’ve learned so much and experienced improvements in strength, endurance, energy, stamina, and self esteem.

Thank you to Longevity Athletics and the coaching staff I am a new and improved person.




I’m in my early 30’s, married with 4 kids under the age of 6, and am on the road more than half the month as an airline pilot.   Needless to say, I have a lot of distractions in my life and plenty of opportunities to focus on other tasks besides myself.  Unfortunately for the past 8 years I put concern for my physical health aside, until I met Aaron and decided to make my health a priority.  In the first 3 months working with Aaron, I lost 35 pounds and 6 inches off my waist.  I also saw measurable increases in strength and endurance, not to mention more energy during the day to help me keep up with the demands of family and work.

With my busy schedule, it was important that I have a support group to keep me accountable and focused. Longevity Athletics provides such an atmosphere.  Between Aaron’s instruction and motivation, group workouts with other motivated individuals, Aaron’s nutritional guidance, along with access to Longevity Athletics private group on Facebook, all provide a fantastic support network you won’t find anywhere else!

Since working out with Aaron, I have learned how great he is. He really does know a lot about exercise and fitness. He blew away my expectations of what a “trainer” is or does.  Aaron is very safety conscious and makes sure the form during workouts is right. He takes the time to explain things, and he adds a lot of variety to the workouts.  I know I can reach my fitness goals in a safe and efficient way working with Aaron, I have no doubt that he will help you reach yours as well.