“If you are looking to transform yourself, Longevity Athletics is where you need to go.””

When I couldn’t put on a tee shirt or deodorant without screaming in agony, I knew I had a problem.  That’s when I paid a visit to our family doctor, who took a whopping 30 seconds to diagnose my problem.  He grabbed my left wrist gently, and then with his other hand, raised my elbow until it was parallel with my shoulder.  The girlish, blood curdling scream that followed, seemed to confirm his suspicions.  When I was done embarrassing myself, the doctor informed me that I had impinged my rotator cuff and would need to go to physical therapy if I wanted it to heal correctly. The alternative, of course, was to walk around shirtless and reeking of B.O. 

Having little choice, I walked next door to Petersen Physical Therapy and signed up.

Peterson was where I met Aaron Gilbert of Longevity Athletics.  Jeff, Aaron, and Sean set me up with a program designed to help repair the damage and strengthen my shoulder so I wouldn’t injure it again. Aaron explained to me what he was doing and why he was doing it.  When I stared blankly at him, he would then patiently dumb it down about 3 levels so I could understand what he was saying.  He explained how the exercises I was doing at the Gym with my trainer were probably what caused my injury, and showed me what I was doing wrong.  Aaron asked me if I wanted to see a better way to train, when I said yes, he said the first 3 sessions were free.  I like free, so I drove over to his place to see what, if anything, was so different. 

As it turned out, Aaron does thing completely different from my old trainer.  Aaron spends an hour and fifteen minutes with his clients per session, my old trainer only spent 30 minutes.  The 30 minutes was spent completely on lifting weights, no cardio or anything else.  Aaron Gilbert’s sessions include, weight lifting, but you also get band resistance, body weight exercises, interval training, cardio, stretching, foam rolling, and diet coaching.  My old trainer did not do any of the other stuff and his version of diet coaching was “Eat more Protein!”


Another thing I like about Aaron’s style of training is how it’s not the same old boring crap over and over again.  He is always changing what his clients are doing in order to confuse their bodies and keep the training challenging.   Instead of 4 sets of 10-12 reps over and over, ad nauseum, we are flipping giant tractor tires, then hitting them with sledgehammers, then dragging them down the street with cables.  When we are pumping iron, we are constantly changing the routine with different weights and intervals.  Most importantly, Aaron goes over every exercise before the workout so you know how to DO IT CORRECTLY!! 

The best thing for me about Longevity Athletics is Aaron’s diet coaching.  Eating right is the area that brings me the most grief.  I was really surprised how in depth he gets.  Aaron set me up with and eating plan, recipes, and a food log to keep track of what I eat, which was a real eye opener for me.  He also took the time to explain the science behind the plan in a way I could understand.  Most importantly he provides encouragement and accountability, which I seem to need on a regular basis.


To sum it all up, if you are looking to transform your body and start living a healthier lifestyle, Longevity Athletics is where you need to go.  Aaron Gilbert has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals, and has the science and the living proof like me to back it up.  It can be achieved, and Longevity Athletics can help you achieve it.


Manny Gauna